Cold and grey UK – Good time to write a book

by Chrissie Hawkes in Thoughts and Musings

Back in the UK until March for family health reasons. Getting used to freezing temperatures and icy conditions and dressing accordingly. A good time to focus on getting the book I have been working on over the last year brought to publication stage. The book is on Art and In-Tuition and I am very excited about getting it out to you all. Thank you to the artists in Florida and the UK who have talked with me so far about their experiences of working intuitively and that is adding depth and gravitas to the book that I really want it to have. The proposal is written and some chapters are well on their way. Now talking with people about publishing possibilities and the help and support required to bring a beautiful book to market that will encourage many more people to become involved in their own creative journeys in ways that are life enhancing, fun and enjoyable. Watch this space for further updates.