STOP PRESS: Classes in Play with Paint are up and running again here in the UK. Chrissie can accommodate up to 6 people or up to 10 if you already have a venue you can use and she can come to you. if you are interested in a group or one to one sessions please contact Chrissie and she will get right back to you. The session takes around two hours and you will go away with card framed pieces and have lots of fun creating them


‘Play with Paint’  

These sessions give you the opportunity to explore colour mixing and painting intuitively. They are 1 to 2 hours and cost £25 in the UK ($30 in the USA) plus materials and you go away with card framed pieces that you have created. Come and have fun in a relaxed environment with Chrissie and surprise yourself with what you can achieve in a very short time.

Comments from some recent participants in Play with Paint:

Chrissie did not assume anything of us but simply accepted and encouraged us to be artists, each in our own way. A wonderful session, motivating us to to be creative’

A big thank you to Chrissie for the wonderful art session. I felt like a real artist after the session. I always wanted to do art but felt like I was never any good at it. Chrissie made it possible for me to create something that I was very proud of and the session was very relaxing and a lot of fun, My art is now displayed in my home

6 Week Mentoring process. 

This programme is a series of 6 two hour sessions. They take you on a journey from colour mixing through to creating a painting for your home or workplace in whatever size you would like. One session will be spent visiting physical or online galleries to explore different kinds of artwork and a little art history. This programme costs £60 UK ($65 USA) per session plus materials. The mentoring sessions can be run as stand alone ones if you want to pick and choose from the topics covered.

Session one: Colour mixing

Session two: Mark making on paper

Session three: Composition and working on canvas

Session four: Guided visit to galleries

Session five: Painting a large canvas

Session six: Completion of canvas and review of course.

Contact Chrissie via the contact Chrissie for more information or to chat through what you would like.

Executive Coaching Sessions

These sessions can be tailored as per your teams needs and can cover all aspects of professional development. We can use art as a fun way of exploring those. Chrissie is trained to Master Practitioner/Trainer level in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has been a provider of adult teaching programmes throughout her career. contact Chrissie  if you are interested in a tailor made programme for your team.