This spring/summer art programme is up and running. We are teaching one to one or small group acrylic or oil mentoring programme in Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire.  The acrylic course is a series of 7 x two hour sessions and the oil is 6 x 2 hour sessions. There are still a couple of places available and these can be taken weekly or in any combination that works for you. We also offer accommodation for up to two people (2 artists or artist and spouse/partner) if you would like to do a residential programme. If you are too far away and would like to explore online options please contact Chrissie to discuss those.

If you are interested in finding out more about the courses please click on contact Chrissie  We can accommodate groups of up to 3 participants if you want to do the course with other people. The cost is £60 per person per two hour session. All sessions take place in The Barn Studio in a beautiful rural setting.

Here are some comments from this years participants

The course has inspired me to carry on, look at art and the formation of it differently. I am passing my energy and the new knowledge from the course to my children and grandchildren who are loving painting with me. I am inspired and practicing what I learnt waiting for my masterpiece to appear. Sue. 

The course has opened me eyes to my own creativity. I did not know it was there and I would not have tried to find it without you and the course. I am sooooo delighted with the joy and fulfilment it is now bringing me. Emma. 

The course was a compilation of expert teaching combined with the freedom to express myself in art. It has been a complete revelation. Noreen. 

An absolute revelation. I cannot recommend highly enough. Chrissie has reenergised my love of art by making anything seem possible with her clear and encouraging guidance and expertise. Sally. 

7 Session Intuitive Art Mentoring Course. 

The mentoring course takes you on your own journey from colour mixing through to creating a painting for your home or workplace in whatever size you would like. You will be encouraged to go as large as possible. One session will be spent visiting physical or online galleries to explore different kinds of artwork and a little art history. At the end of the summer you can take part in an exhibition of work where you can meet other people who have done the course and show your work to family and friends. This programme costs £60 UK ($65 USA) per session plus materials. The mentoring sessions can be run as stand alone ones if you want to pick and choose from the topics covered. We can also tailor make a programme to fit your specific needs.

Session one: Colour mixing

Session two: Mark making on paper

Session three: Guided visit to galleries

Session four: Composition and working on canvas

Session five: Painting a large canvas

Session six and seven: Completion of canvas and review of course.

Please click here to contact Chrissie for more information or to chat through any questions you might have.

6 Session Oil Painting for Beginners

This is a 6 session (12 hour) programme. A pack of materials will be available for each person which includes, a set of oil paints, walnut oil, spirit, canvas pad, three 11 x14 canvases, brushes, oil soap, palette and pots with lids for the walnut oil and spirit.. Cost for the materials is £71. You will also need a large canvas for your final project. There are a variety of other resources available to you to use in the studio at no extra charge. The tutoring fee per 2 hour session is £60. From day one of the course you will be creating a number of small art pieces and a large canvas for your final piece of work.

Session 1: Introduce the range of materials for painting in oils

Session 2: Recapped the first session

                  Created a composition of a pear, apple or orange using one colour to create different values

                  Added 2 other colours to begin building the painting

Session 3: Identified 10 things to know before painting in oil

                  Created a landscape composition using one colour to create different values

                  Added 2 other colours to begin building the painting

Session 4: Gain information on composition and use of colour 

                     Create a composition on canvas using colour and intuition or use a reference.

Session 5:   Add layers to your painting and begin to see a composition forming

                      Take the painting through the ‘brick laying’ stage ready for completion next week

Session 6:  Completed your painting and added in a focal point

                     Received information about oiling out and varnishing

‘Play with Paint’  

These on off  sessions give you the opportunity to explore colour mixing and painting intuitively. They are 2 hours and cost £60 in the UK ($65 in the USA) plus materials and you go away with card framed pieces that you have created. (The card frames are charged at cost). Come and have fun in a relaxed environment with Chrissie and surprise yourself with what you can achieve in a very short time.

Comments from some recent participants in Play with Paint:

Chrissie did not assume anything of us but simply accepted and encouraged us to be artists, each in our own way. A wonderful session, motivating us to to be creative’

A big thank you to Chrissie for the wonderful art session. I felt like a real artist after the session. I always wanted to do art but felt like I was never any good at it. Chrissie made it possible for me to create something that I was very proud of and the session was very relaxing and a lot of fun, My art is now displayed in my home