‘Play with Paint’ sessions give you the opportunity to explore colour mixing and painting intuitively. They are 1 hour and cost £25 in the UK ($30 in the USA) plus materials and you go away with card framed pieces that you have created. Come and have fun in a relaxed environment with me and surprise yourself with what you can achieve in one hour!

6 Week Mentoring process. This programme is a series of 6 two hour sessions. They take you on a journey from colour mixing through to creating a painting for your home or workplace in whatever size you would like. One session will be spent visiting physical or online galleries to explore different kinds of artwork and a little art history. This programme costs £360 UK ($390 USA) or £60 UK ($65 USA) per session plus materials. The mentoring sessions can also be run as stand alone ones if you want to pick and chooose from the topics covered.

Session one: Colour mixing

Session two: Mark making on paper

Session three: Composition and working on canvas

Session four: Guided visit to galleries

Session five: Painting a large canvas

Session six: Completion of canvas and review of course.

Contact Chrissie via the contact page or email her at chrissiehawkes@gmail.com for more information or to chat through what you would like.