Art has never been recognition and what hangs on museum walls. It’s significance lies in the act of creating it and letting it loose to find its own way in the world’ (Page 360 Learning to See by Elise Hooper)

Chrissie is a full time artist who splits her time between the USA and the UK. Because of Covid she found herself ‘stranded’ in the UK and took a studio near Cambridge where she created a body of work during lockdowns. This work was exhibited at Haddenham Arts Centre near Ely in the UK in November 2021. She got back to the USA finally in November and had an exhibition of work in December 2021 at the Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora and is now a regular exhibitor at a downtown art show in Mount Dora held on the last Friday of every month from October to May. Back in the UK for the summer of 2022 she is working from her Barn Studio In Cambridgeshire and has taken the Garden Studio at Haddenham Arts Centre for August and September.

Her style is intuitive/non objective in style and is almost devoid of intention. Chrissie goes to the easel or table with no idea of what might appear. She uses no reference material and chooses a red, yellow and blue, adds a dark and a light, then embarks on creating colors, often directly onto the canvas. She then adds layers, scraping, scratching, drawing, doodling, adding washes then scraping some more until something begins to take shape and the painting decides what it wants to be. If she tries to force something it never works. If a fish or something else representational appears, its because it wants to be there and she then decides if it can stay. Finding this way of bringing things into the light is the best thing that ever happened to her.

Chrissie is currently writing a book on Intuitive art and has been interviewing emerging and established artists as part of the research phase for that. If you would be interested in being interviewed about your experience of intuition in art please contact Chrissie here.

You can also contact Chrissie if you would like to know more about her work or to buy an original piece. High quality giclees/prints and cards of all her paintings are available on request. She facilitates one hour play with paint sessions and a one to one  12 hour art mentoring programme. She also does executive coaching which can include painting sessions that bring out leadership and strategy traits in fun and exciting ways. Have a look at the art classes page on this site for more information.