Painting with a Purpose is part of Chrissie’s giving back to the world through art. The initiative aims to bring together like-minded people to collaborate on a project that can create funds for various charities by hosting Play with Paint classes. These can be attended by beneficiaries and workers from various charities, who would like the opportunity to play and experiment with paint. The outcomes are that the paintings created are sold to raise funds for the charity associated with the event. The Charity would be responsible for finding the beneficiaries and staff to attend the sessions, liaising with Chrissie to arrange the sessions and the fund-raising event. Chrissie will run up to 3 sessions with the charity and all proceeds less costs will be donated to the charity. 

This is a project where everyone wins, the beneficiaries and staff learning to paint in a safe space and create something that will live with them for ever. It is designed to give everyone involved an opportunity to learn about art and give back to the organisation that has supported them.   We have completed a very successful pilot in the UK this summer and the beneficiaries and staff have produced in excess of 120 pieces of art. The organisation is also monitoring the benefits in terms of mental health and confidence of all involved. One unexpected outcome is the level of art appreciation the process has enabled in participants and everyone goes away very satisfied with what they have achieved using an intuitive approach. We are now moving into phase 2 of the project where the fundraising arm of the charity will be exploring ways of exhibiting and auctioning the work and possibly producing products featuring the artwork for future income streams. One idea is to create a coffee table book of the art and beneficiary comments on the process and outcomes. Please contact me if you are a charitable organisation that would like to get involved in this kind of fundraising activity. I have space for up to 3 charities a year.

The People

Chrissie Hawkes has an MA in Health and Community Development. She ran a successful City and Guilds Centre focussing on adult teaching qualifications and has extensive experience of working with public and private organisations and community groups. Chrissie is now a full time artist, facilitator and coach. The project that gave her the idea to begin Painting with a Purpose was begun in Mount Dora Florida where she was asked, with other artists, to paint sunflowers on windows for Ukraine on downtown businesses to raise money for the World Central Kitchen (WCT). She also created artwork of sunflowers and sold them to fundraise for WCT.