Monday May 4th

Having fun putting these little paintings together. Hoping to get a few more ready for open studios in July. Harry spent the day with me again painting and getting lost in a universe piece. Love that he wants to do this with me.

Thursday April 8th

Had a lovely day in the studio with my grandson Harry. He painted this and I love it. He has called it ‘On top of the world’….that’s how I feel after our day together! Xxx

Thursday March 18th

Opened a new 40 by 40 inch canvas this morning ready to tackle no 3 in a series of 6. Always exciting and ready to play after a muddy long walk with MaryClare. Watch this space xx

Friday March 12th 2021

And this is how the turquoise turned out!

and this is how the second one is coming along….

Friday 5th March

Latest on the Turquoise

Well, at the messy, not sure where on earth this is going stage but that is okay. Will go with the flow and see where we end up! Posted the blue and orange one yesterday on facebook and people loved it so….

Thursday 4th March

Latest on the turqouise

Friday 26th February 2021

Love a couple of blank canvas….❤️

Begun an online course with Joy Kinna  Lots of water and paint and multiple canvas and paper. Loving it xxx

Monday 22nd February 2021

During lockdown here in the UK my studio has become a haven where I can totally focus on my painting. It is very quiet there at the moment. I love seeing the signs of spring outside the window and it is beginning to creep into my work. I have been working on a 5ft by 3ft painting for a while now and suddenly it decided what it wanted to be. Someone on my facebook group, (thank you Cassie), came up with the title ‘Sidewalk Chalk’ which I love. Showing it here on the easel so you can get a sense of its size.

18th February 2021

Flowers and Feathers. The original of this painting is 7.5 by 7 inches. I loved it so much I was able to get it made into a splashback for my new kitchen. Looks amazing. Thank you SplashbacksUk