September 2023

Had a fabulous summer in my barn studio in the UK teaching the intuitive art mentoring programme. We are having an exhibition of all 14 emerging artists work on the 30th September so that will be exciting. I have also been to see the Van Gogh Immersive Experience in London, the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy and the AF Kilnt and Mondrian exhibition at Tate Modern. Thank you to Antonia Clare at Manor Farm Barns in Norfolk for a wonderful retreat with her, Kate Sporborg and Mary Blue in late August. Amazing artists and loved creating with you and getting to know you all. Finally, before going back to Mount Dora for the winter I will be going to Venice to see the Biennale with 3 of my summer mentoring cohort. Cannot wait.

I have two exhibitions coming up in the UK. I have 3 paintings in the Open Cambridge Creativity Unwrapped Exhibition at the Jesus Lane Friends Meeting House on the 12th to the 17th September. I will also be exhibiting 3 framed and 2 unframed paintings in the Cambridge Open Art Exhibition at Swavesey Village College on the 14th and 15th of October. Then its back to the USA to prepare for my Artist of the Month exhibition at The Gatehouse in Mount Dora in December.

January 2023.

Up and running again in my home studio in Cambridge. Returned from the States for a couple of months for family health reasons and working on a large commission and getting my book, Art and In-Tuition to publication stage which is very exciting. Watch this space on that. Looking forward to a very productive year in 2023.

Painting with a Purpose

My charity work is up and running and I will devote a page to it on the site. I have completed a pilot project with a charitable organisation in Reading. The beneficiaries of the charity involved have produced around 120 pieces of artwork. A donation was made for the materials and I gave my time and travel as in kind donations. All the people involved have donated their work for the charity to sell as part of their fundraising activities. The fundraising group are now looking at how to put on an exhibition and auction of the work. The overriding thing that has come from the project is how much everyone involved has loved what they have produced and the process for getting there. The charity is monitoring the benefits to their beneficiaries in terms of mental health and confidence as well as how they feel about presenting their work to a wider audience.

15th September 2022

Has it really been this long since I added to the site. Been very busy teaching over the summer in my barn studio and in the garden studio at Haddenham Arts Centre which is wonderful. I have met some lovely people and worked with Rayne, Amelia, Cinnamon, Sue A, Pauline, Sue, Claire, Marcella and a group from the Red Hen Project on aspects of the mentoring programme. I also did a wonderful relaxing Play with Paint session with a group of senior executives who all went away loving what they had achieved. Doing a large commission for a friend right now and working on 120cm by 100cm piece to possibly submit for the Royal Academy show next year. I have also created 3 X 100 by 100cm pieces on canvas that were inspired by a trip to Cornwall earlier this summer. One of those has now been titled The Last Journey, it had mountains and a car appeared in the foreground that began to look like the Queen being carried back from Balmoral.

Just got back from an RA course with Emyr Williams on Abstraction – Experimenting with Color where I learnt a lot about myself as an artist, I am not an abstract artist art all! My drawing skills have improved but representational work is not where I want to go. Love my intuitive way of working and looking forward to getting back to writing the book when I get back to the States in mid October. This summer went so fast. Will put some of my recent paintings up in the Art section of the site soon.

May 18th 2022

Back in the UK and busy with lots of things. I have taken a studio at Haddenham Arts Centre for August and September. Busy writing a book on art and intuition and setting up some charitable work using art so watch this space. Have had a busy time in the States the last 6 months. Finished a huge commission, did some sunflower paintings for Ukraine which I sold and donated the money to the World Central Kitchen who are feeding people on the borders and in Ukraine. I also got involved in a project with other artists to paint sunflowers on shop windows downtown and raised $3000 for the World Central Kitchen. Ready to get going on a series of large paintings this summer in between family stuff!

October 16th 2021 – Mentoring Group Exhibition Haddenham

Over the summer I have been working with 6 mentoring students in the UK. The programme aims to enable them to go from learning the basics about color mixing, mark making and composition through to creating a variety of art work on paper and canvas. The ultimate aim is to create a large piece of work on canvas. They all did amazingly and today we had an exhibition of their work at Haddenham Arts Centre. Thank you Sunny, Claire T, Anni, Emma, Claire S and Gaby for being such inspiring and diligent students. I am so in awe of what you produced and cannot wait to work with you again in the future.



Wednesday 25th August 2021 Artist Time

After a number of weeks focussing on students I decided to set up my studio this afternoon for a session for me to paint. Had so much fun and got totally lost in the process for 1.5 hours. Did two paintings and a load of mono prints using the paint on the palette. Lots of starter pieces for the future. Aim is collect together 100 small paintings over the coming months with a view to exhibiting them in the States over the winter.


‘Play with Paint’ Sessions – Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Had so much fun yesterday running 3 x 1 hour sessions on Play with Paint at Haddenham Arts Centre. Here are two very happy participants with their works of art. Did lots of colour mixing and then created these lovely small pieces of framed art to take home. If anyone would like to do taster sessions on colour please contact me and we can sort something out for you.

Monday May 4th

Having fun putting these little paintings together. Hoping to get a few more ready for open studios in July. Harry spent the day with me again painting and getting lost in a universe piece. Love that he wants to do this with me.


28th April 2021

My new mentoring student Sunny having lots of fun mark making. She is doing my 6 week mentoring programme which takes you through colour mixing, mark making, creating small pieces of art, visiting galleries to review what you like about art and a little art history. All this leads to you to creating a large piece of art for your home. Contact me if you would be interested in this 6 x 2 hour session programme totally tailored to your needs.

Thursday April 8th

Had a lovely day in the studio with my grandson Harry. He painted this and I love it. He has called it ‘On top of the world’….that’s how I feel after our day together! Xxx

Thursday March 18th

Opened a new 40 by 40 inch canvas this morning ready to tackle no 3 in a series of 6. Always exciting and ready to play after a muddy long walk with MaryClare. Watch this space xx

Friday March 12th 2021

And this is how the turquoise turned out!

and this is how the second one is coming along….

Friday 5th March

Latest on the Turquoise

Well, at the messy, not sure where on earth this is going stage but that is okay. Will go with the flow and see where we end up! Posted the blue and orange one yesterday on facebook and people loved it so….

Thursday 4th March

Latest on the turqouise

Friday 26th February 2021

Love a couple of blank canvas….❤️

Begun an online course with Joy Kinna  Lots of water and paint and multiple canvas and paper. Loving it xxx

Monday 22nd February 2021

During lockdown here in the UK my studio has become a haven where I can totally focus on my painting. It is very quiet there at the moment. I love seeing the signs of spring outside the window and it is beginning to creep into my work. I have been working on a 5ft by 3ft painting for a while now and suddenly it decided what it wanted to be. Someone on my facebook group, (thank you Cassie), came up with the title ‘Sidewalk Chalk’ which I love. Showing it here on the easel so you can get a sense of its size.

18th February 2021

Flowers and Feathers. The original of this painting is 7.5 by 7 inches. I loved it so much I was able to get it made into a splashback for my new kitchen. Looks amazing. Thank you SplashbacksUk